An SEO Glasgow Agency Is Helping Scottish Charities

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Smarter Digital Marketing founders Brian Lonsdale and Laimonas Naradauskas are helping Scottish children’s charity Govan Youth Information Project by creating their new website. Last year the entrepreneurs launched a campaign to help Scottish charities with their digital campaigns. An SEO Glasgow agency, Smarter Digital Marketing decided to give back to their community using their expert digital skills.


The Scottish Poverty Problem: One in Ten Families Trouble

scotland poverty


The poverty problem in Scotland is only getting worse with more than half a million Scots, including living in “severe poverty”. According to a 2015 Scottish government report are living in poor conditions.

Those who are classed in the “severe poverty” category earn less than 50% of the UK average. At the time this report bases it figures which dated back to 2012-13. Households that earned less than £11,500 would have been classed as living in severe poverty also. (more…)